Blogger Bubble #6: Bookish Pet Peeves

Every reader has bookish pet peeves: sometimes we’re bothered by things that many people find normal, sometimes we do things that others think are unusual.

But let’s dive further into these pet peeves*:

  • When we dog-read pages: I would never, ever do this. I don’t know why but I get very upset when the perfect page of a book (or textbooks) gets bent over. I think it just ruins the unblemished appearance of the novel.

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Blogger Bubble #5: 5 Books You Should Read for Pride Month

Hi, everyone!

I’m sorry I keep being MIA, but school ends this week and I hope I will have more free time to read books and write reviews. Anyway, since June is Pride Month I decided to recommend 5 LGBTQ+ books that I highly enjoyed, plus I have an announcement at the end of the post.


Obviously I couldn’t not put this book on the list. This book gave me all the feels, it even made me cry! It is heart-gripping and one of the most wonderful books I’ve read this year. You can read my review here.


Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann is the story of this asexual girl who is trying to fit in a society where sex is considered the “normality”, though the story mainly focuses on the love story. You can read my review here.


Honestly, I don’t think anyone has never heard of this book, especially after its movie’s release. It was such a fluffy read!  You can read my review here.


Amanda Foody is one of my most favorite authors and she recently released Ace of Shades, which I haven’t read yet. Many people forget that the main male character of Daughter of The Burning City is asexual. You can read my review here.


Queens of Geek is dual POV contemporary romance and one of the two narrators is bisexual. You can read my review here.

I wanted to say is that I created a Redbubble page and the first design I made is the following image. I know is nothing fancy, but I love it and the shop will help me with paying my exams for college. If you want to buy it, or know people who would like to snatch one for themselves, click here!


Happy Pride Month to everyone!

Be kind. Be pride.

Blogger Bubble #4: 5 Famous Authors I Still Haven’t Read

You know when you’re talking with another bookworm and they bring up their opinion about the latest book released by a famous author? And you have never read any of their works?

This is me most of the time.

When it regards the publishing and writing world, almost everyone knows about those authors people keep raving about, it’s almost impossible you’ve never heard of them. Authors like Sarah J. Maas or V.E. Schwab whom I’ve read just because bloggers and bookstagrammers kept recommending them. And while I admit I didn’t end up enjoying their books as much as I thought I would, I recognise why many people loved them.
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Blogger Bubble #3: 5 Best Korean Dramas I’ve Watched This Year And Why I’ve Loved Them

Happy Friday!

Not everyone knows about my love for Korean dramas. And since writing a review can be quite exhausting, I decided to write a post a little different. There are many people who share my love for K dramas and I thought to write a post in which I recommended some series I’ve watched in 2017 and that I absolutely loved.

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Blogger Bubble #2-25th November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Women literature

I’m a girl. I’m afraid of going into dark alleys, of being alone with a person of the opposite sex, of those mean-looking men. Things shouldn’t be like this. We should be free to go wherever we want, and to be with whoever we want. However, the woman has always being seen as a submissive figure.

Men abuse us, cat call us, sl*t-shame us. When a boy gets with over ten girls, they consider him a player, when a girl gets with over ten boys, she’s a wh*re. It’s so easy to make someone feel inferior. To make her feel unworthy of anyone’s love.

Warning; spoilers of Bad Romance ahead! 

In the relationship of Bad Romance, Gavin was so jealous of Grace, that he made a rule that none of them would touch again a person of the opposite sex. But a relationship, with real love, should be based on trust in each other.

When Grace told her friends what was happening between her boyfriend and her, she said: “I love him, but…”

However, the moment she said but, she went against the sentence before, the “I love him”. She denied her feelings. And his wasn’t love. This was power over someone.

Love isn’t hitting her, love isn’t being possessive of her, love isn’t insulting her.

Love is believing in her, making her happy, seeing her smile every time she sees you.


If you’re having the kind of problems I wrote earlier with the person you think you love, please, go away. Talk to someone, do things you like, feel free, but above all, be happy.

I don’t want to bore you too much, so I will stop here. I will continue on another day, because there are many things we still need to discuss about.

I don’t know many books that centers the problem of abusive relationships or about abuses on a woman. Here in Italy, there are a few female authors who, even though aren’t as famous as Alighieri or Leopardi, wrote beautiful things. One of them, for example, is Alda Merini, who was bipolar, and considered herself diverse.

There are many contemporary authors who are female, too, for example, J.K. Rowling who wrote one of the most read books in the world (even though I haven’t read Harry Potter). Most of the books I read are written by women.

You see, we can be considered useless, or tools, but we can also be as strong as men, as intelligent as men. We can do everything if we want.

P.S. This is my post for the 2017 Book Blog Discussion Challenge, which I recently decided to join, hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

Blogger Bubble #1: Racism in the Non-fiction World

I wish everyone a happy weekend! Today I present you to Blogger Bubble, which is like a category for discussion posts. If you look in the Oxford Dictionary the meaning of the word bubble, among the various meanings, you will find:

  • A transparent domed cover or enclosure / a place or position that is protected from danger or unpleasant reality.
  • Used to refer to a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last.

I think this word fits perfectly for the topics I will talk about.

You won’t probably read this post, but I need to let everything out. So here we go with the post!

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