Review: Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky

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Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky is a Young Adult contemporary novel which features girl who loves fashion and a paleontology nerd, in fact, Natalie was chosen as a recipient of a scholarship for an internship at an Ice Age site in Texas. While she’s there, she’ll see how hard this is a difficult world.

I loved that the novel dealt with the presence of misogyny in this field and that Natalie slowly gained courage to face it. She’s also a plus-sized blogger and she often struggles with the image people have ingrained into her of beauty.

A thing I didn’t like about the story was how recklessly Natalie could act sometimes and how a few characters seemed bratty. For example, I was surprised that the protagonist wore a dress and high-heels at an excavating site, even though she should have known the proper attire to wear on these kind of activities.

Even though the story was interesting, the characters seemed flat and they diminished the enjoyment of the story. Chase seemed sweet and caring at the beginning of the story, when later on he turned out to be the contrary.

Cody was another sporadic character, while I think he should have been more present for the role the author cast him in. However I liked how supportive he was!

Queen was one of the few round characters. Throughout the novel she developed from the girl who despised her father and the shadow she lived in, to someone who doesn’t care about someone who has always mistreated her.

Alas, while the story captured my attention at the beginning, it faded after a quarter of the book. The premise was good, but the execution wasn’t what I expected. Even though I didn’t like much Mammoth, you may like it and I suggest you give it a try. I give the book 2 out of 5 stars.



About the author

Monster wrangler, muse therapist, reluctant Floridian, and just a little bit spooky. Winner of the Young Adult Fiction category in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest for her YA paranormal novel, Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator.

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