Review: Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon

title- girls of paper and fire author- natasha ngan date- november 6th 2018 pages- 336 publisher- jimmy patterson books


Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon is a Young Adult diverse book told through two narrators. Sophie and Peter have been best friends since they were children, the Terrible Twosome as some people called them. Inseparable, the main characters have to navigate through their delicate relationship following her kidney donation to him.

After reading her debut novel, I was happy to have been accepted for an eARC of Our Year of Maybe! This book was so good that I had to stop several times to prevent my heart from imploding with all the emotions I was feeling.

Sophie has never been separated from her best friend, the boy she has loved for years. And she has taken a step forward by donating him the only thing that could help him survive. She’s asocial, introvert, shy, caring, everything except a bad friend. 

However, she nourishes feelings for him, and she has never told him this. Because when they were younger, Peter confessed his feelings for her and she turned him down. Now she doesn’t know what to do to let him notice that she has developed feelings and regrets what she did in the past.  

Peter doesn’t like to hope he’ll live a long life. Especially since the fact that, after the transplant, he has roughly fifteen years before having to look for another donor. He’s bisexual, though the only ones who know this are his parents, and apart from Sophie, there will be another love interest. 

After spending all his life in his house, with overbearing parents, and a friend who did all she could to make him happy, he’s thrilled to start going to school as he wants to be more independent from Sophie and is still uncertain about what she is to him.

They’re both Jewish, but while Sophie is fully Jewish, Peter’s still uncertain about it and throughout the book will explore more the religion. Another fact is that Sophie is dyslexic and the author addressed it during a few passages of the novel.

The family dynamics were well-written and I enjoyed the development in Sophie and her sister Tabby’s relationship. I loved this book, it confirmed why Rachel Lynn Solomon is one of my auto-buy authors. I give Our Year of Maybe 5 out of 5 stars.




About the author

Rachel is a Seattle native who loves rainy days, tap dancing, and red lipstick. In high school, she sang and played keyboard in an all-girl band, and she was once part of a group of people who broke a Guinness World Record for the most natural redheads in one place.

She has written for newspapers, produced a radio show that aired in the middle of the night, and worked for NPR. Currently she works as a freelance editor.

These days, she writes young adult novels about ambitious, complicated, sometimes unlikable girls who are trying their best.


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