Blogger Bubble #6: Bookish Pet Peeves

Every reader has bookish pet peeves: sometimes we’re bothered by things that many people find normal, sometimes we do things that others think are unusual.

But let’s dive further into these pet peeves*:

  • When we dog-read pages: I would never, ever do this. I don’t know why but I get very upset when the perfect page of a book (or textbooks) gets bent over. I think it just ruins the unblemished appearance of the novel.


  • When we eat while reading a book: I admit I’m a book-eater (pun intended). While I read books, I often get hungry and I just need to snack on something. Oh folks, I am a mess when I’m eating. Worst than a tornado. There will be crumbs everywhere and I will almost always find oil/chocolate spots on a few pages. Really, I’d like to stop eating while I’m reading but I’m not physically able to it’s impossible.

tenor (1)

  • People who spoiler books and don’t warn you: This one is shared by many, many people. Some friends have even told me that they don’t read a book’s synopsis in fear that they might find spoilers. But I’m not one of them.


Please, don’t be horrified! I’m one of those few readers who don’t mind spoilers and well, I admit that sometimes I am the one who looks for them. But it’s because I’m just too curious to see how it ends the story goes!

  • Over-describing chapters: I don’t like it when most of the chapter is dedicated to describe a character’s trait or the setting. Same goes for too much flowery prose. This is why I had to DNF When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore: the writing style deflected my attention from the story and it seemed over-done.


  • Borrowing books: When someone asks you to lend them a book, they should keep tham in the same conditions you gave them the book in, and they should read it ASAP. A classmate once borrowed Fallen by Lauren Kate from me at the end of the school year an gave it back after three months! I mean, I’m happy to lend you my books, but it upset me when you took months to read a book you borrowed.



So… this post has come to an end, though there are many more bookish pet peeves we could talk about. What are yours? One of those I listed? Let me know in the comments!

*DISCLAIMER: The listed pet peeves aren’t all mine, I asked a few readers on Facebook about their bookish pet peeves.



15 thoughts on “Blogger Bubble #6: Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. I’m totally the same with dog-earred pages and people borrowing my books. They’re my precious books *that I bought with my own money* so I expect them to stay in the condition I bought them in. Lol Just recently, my friend slept over and was going through so many of my books, I had slight anxiety just watching her because I was worried she would ruin them. xD

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