Review: Embers by Ronie Kendig


Title: Embers (Abiassa’s Fire, #1)
Author: Ronie Kendig
Date: October 16th 2015
Pages: 432
Publisher: Enclave Publishing

Embers by Ronie Kendig is a YA Christian fantasy book. The story, told in third person, follows Haegan in his journey to fight Poired Dyrth, the enemy of his kingdom. However, he has been a cripple for ten years and after a transference, highly prohibited and dangerous, he has regained the use of his arts, but with a high price. Now he has to fled his kingdom to escape his father’s wrath.

I both loved and hated this book at the same time. I was hooked up since the first pages, but the story was very problematic. The writing style and the plot enticed me so much I couldn’t peel my eyes off the pages for a long time.

I loved Haegan as he slowly learned the way his world worked. Trapped in a tower since he was little, he had yearned so much to be able to move, to prove himself worth of being a prince. And this is one of things that disappointed me. He was left out of the line of succession because he wasn’t able-bodied. The book may send the message that you can be happy and live freely only if you are not disabled.

Another thing that disappointed me is the romance in the novel: it felt unnecessary and born out of nowhere. Sometimes I was irked by the jealousy Haegan felt towards the main female lead just because another male was ‘too near’ to her.

The descriptions veered off the attention of the reader from the story and I skipped some parts for this. For the rest, I highly enjoyed it. The book was fast-paced and reading about Ronie Kendig’s imaginary world was really interesting.

Thiel was a character that I admired. She was fierce and strong, never taking bullshit from others. Her background and her past saddened me for what happened to her, but they shaped her into becoming the woman she was.

I would have loved to know more about how she met with the other boys and I hope they’re bond will be further presented in the next two books.

I’m very torn about what rating to give to this book because, despite all the problems I found in it, Embers captivated my attention and I finished it in a few sessions, leaving me with the need to rush and read its sequel. I give this book 4 out of 5 .




About the author

Ronie Kendig is an award-winning, bestselling author who grew up an Army brat. She married her own hunky hero, who’s an Army veteran. After twenty-plus years of marriage, she and her husband have a full life with four children and a retired military working dog. Ronie’s degree in psychology has helped her pen novels of raw, broken characters.

Since launching onto the publishing scene, Ronie’s Rapid-Fire Fiction has hit the CBA Bestseller List, won the prestigious Christy Award, the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, the HOLT Medallion, IRCA, FamilyFiction’s Readers’ Choice Awards, as well as being named an RT Book of the Year Nominee.

Ronie loves people and helping other writers through speaking, workshops, and/or mentoring.


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