One Lovely Blog Award

I wanted to thank Faguni @ Fanna for nominating me!  You should all check out her blog, especially her discussion posts because they’re super interesting.


  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award
  • Share 7 facts or things about yourself
  • Nominate bloggers that you admire and inform the nominees


  1. I have a scar on my chin because when I was seven years old, I fell on the sidewalk while I was running.
  2. I study languages at high school, precisely English, Spanish and Chinese.
  3. Even though both my parents are Chinese, I can’s speak this language because I grew up in an Italian environment.
  4. I want to go to an US university, but since it’s so expensive I’m looking for scholarships (if you have any information, feel free to hit me up)
  5. I love reading manga and watching anime whenever I’m free.
  6. I’m currently considering opening a RedBubble account to sell artwork, though I’m not sure. It would be just a way to gain some money for university. What do you think?
  7. Even though I don’t feel a strong connection to China, I’m trying to learn more about it and my parents’ culture, especially after starting blogging because I didn’t know I needed to read more diverse books as I do now. I was and am insulted for being Chinese, but  now I’m pride because I face racism everyday and their hate doesn’t hurt me as much as they did.

Kristina @ Books-and-Dachshunds / Steff @ Reader Fox and a Box of Books / Kathy @ Books & Munches / Alicia @  Miss Honeybug’s Reads & Crafts



5 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. That’s so cool that you study different languages! I studied Spanish for about 4 years but I had to give it up because I’m majoring in something else for university and there was no space in my schedule. Still, I’m hoping to keep learning on my own time. And ugh yes university in the US is crazy expensive. I was lucky enough to be born there so I get a bit of a discount but it’s still so much more expensive than some other countries (mostly because it’s less tax-payer funded and more student-funded now). I wish you the best of luck finding scholarships, Angela!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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    • Thank you, Laura!
      I’ve always loved studying languages and I’m happy I was able to pursue them in high school. Though, I think I will major in something else in university.
      I hope I’ll find a scholarship, especially since I have to take two American exams in three months which are so expensive. Where are you from? Thank you for your support!

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      • I was born and raised in the Midwest (Wisconsin specifically) and I’m going to university there too! I’ll probably end up staying there my whole life (I’m such a homebody and really, Wisconsin is great! No hurricanes, no earthquakes, no wildfires, barely any tornadoes… honestly all there is to deal with is snow and I can live with that – winter is the best month!). Good luck on those exams! My summer break just started which means no more exams or assignments until September 🙂 Of course, I’ll be working so I won’t have that much time for reading and such but hopefully I’ll have more than before.

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      • I’m currently double majoring in Biology and Creative Writing (I changed my major twice but I think I finally got it right this time)! I’d love to add a certificate or a minor or something (in Geology, Marine Biology, Geography, Physics, Linguistics, or Chemistry) but then I’d have to stay another year or two and I definitely don’t have the money for that. Aww that sucks 😦 Most of my IRL friends hate the snow and winter in general. We even have a term for retired people who are lucky enough to own second homes in Florida (or generally in the South): snowbirds. Because they fly south as soon as winter rolls in 🙂

        (I’m not sure why it won’t let me reply to your latest comment…)

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