Summer 2018 Comment Challenge: June

Every year Lonna @ FLYLēF and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense host the Summer Comment Challenge in which a blogger is paired with another blogger and they have to comment on each other’s blog and support them. I decided to sign up this year for the month of June and I can’t wait to know who I’ll be paired with!

I signed up for the 5+ comments, but if possible, I will comment more times.

I think this idea is quite amazing and, if you want to sign up for the challenge too, or want to read the rules, just click the banner.

unnamed (4)



18 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Comment Challenge: June

  1. Ohh that’s actually a really good idea !!

    If I would have known … However, knowing my work will get busier as we just lost two of us and I know my hours will be increased, not too sure on how long it will last until we are set again .. I don’t really wanna take the chance to sign up and grow lazy or something and end up not doing it properly, you know ? :/ That wouldn’t be too fair for them

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