Mental Health Book Bingo Wrap-up post

Hi, everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been much active the last two weeks, but it was the period of exams and I’m still studying for some subjects. I hope I will be able to post all the reviews of the books I’ve read until now by mid-February.

You all know that I participated to the Mental Health Book Bingo and I haven’t read as much books as I hoped. Anyway, here’s the list of the books I read for the bingo. To check the synopsis on Goodreads click the cover, while to check the review of some of the books I managed to write, click the title; at the end of the post you can find the bingo sheet and the prompts I crossed with the books:


The Vegetarian by Han Kang: Marginalised MC with MI; Elderly MC with MI


Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall: MC with 2+ MI’s; Agoraphobia Rep (ownvoices)


Everything All at Once by Katrina Leno: Depression Rep (ownvoices); YA Novel About MI


Far From You by Tess Sharpe: Addiction Rep (ownvoices); MC With Physical And Mental Disability


A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom: Bipolar Disorder (ownvoices); Romance With MC With MI


Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone: OCD Rep (ownvoices); Anxiety Rep (ownvoices)

And here’s the bingo sheet:


Have you participated as well? Have you read books about mental illnesses? Will you participate to the Mental Health Book Bingo next year? Tell me in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Mental Health Book Bingo Wrap-up post

  1. I haven’t been able to participate because I was swamped with other stuff, but this list has some really interesting recommendations! I’ve never heard of Everything All at Once for example, but I’ll check it out after this 🙂

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