Blogger Bubble #4: 5 Famous Authors I Still Haven’t Read

You know when you’re talking with another bookworm and they bring up their opinion about the latest book released by a famous author? And you have never read any of their works?

This is me most of the time.

When it regards the publishing and writing world, almost everyone knows about those authors people keep raving about, it’s almost impossible you’ve never heard of them. Authors like Sarah J. Maas or V.E. Schwab whom I’ve read just because bloggers and bookstagrammers kept recommending them. And while I admit I didn’t end up enjoying their books as much as I thought I would, I recognise why many people loved them.

However, I have some famous authors I still haven’t read because I don’t think I will like their works or because I’m not interested in them. I’m listing only five of these authors and it’s up to your recommendations in the comments if I’ll read them or not.

  • Stephen King
    I know, I know. How come I’ve never read any of his books? You should know that I’m not a huge fan of thrillers and horror books, and while I liked one or two of the movies inspired by his books, I’m hesitant about starting one of them.
  • Colleen Hoover
    Her books seem interesting and I think I would be able to enjoy them. However, I’m afraid it won’t match my expectations like many other books have done.
  • Marissa Mayer
    Her retellings are wonderful to everyone. I once started Queen of Hearts, and after reading some pages of the book, I found myself bored and stopped continuing my reading. Her writing style was a little off to me and I don’t think I will ever read her The Lunar Chronicles, though many say I should start reading her books from said series.
  • Jay Kristoff
    I have never read any of his books, not because I know I won’t like them, but because I wasn’t particularly interested in them. I don’t know, maybe I will read Nevernight once I finish my TBR (it will never happen, but one can hope).
  • Kiersten White
    Same story of Merissa Meyer here. I started reading And I Darken but lost soon my interest. I admit I read only some pages and I should have kept reading because some pages don’t match the entire book. I think I will pick it up again at a later time. Who knows? Maybe I will get addicted to it like many did.

And you? Who are some authors everyone has read, except you? Tell me in the comments!


38 thoughts on “Blogger Bubble #4: 5 Famous Authors I Still Haven’t Read

  1. You have to give Heartless time, I too found the beginning a little slow but once I got into it I couldnt put it down! Marissa Meyer is great, I love her. Iโ€™ve only read one Stephen King book and that was Cujo, Iโ€™d really like to read more by him.

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  2. I haven’t read any of the authors you listed either! My actual list of popular authors I haven’t checked out yet is probably really really long though ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m really curious about V. E. Schwab’s books!

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  3. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™m a big Colleen Hoover fan when romance is involved, but It Ends With Us was actually really profound and a great starter to her works (Iโ€™ve heard itโ€™s her best). I personally LOVE Marissa Meyer, but I do admit that her works have kind of a slow start to them.

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  4. Iโ€™ve never read anything by Stephen King either, although Iโ€™ve had a copy of The Shining since forever! Iโ€™m not much of a horror reader, so thatโ€™s maybe why, but I do definitely intend to get to it someday.
    I also havenโ€™t read anything by Coleen Hoover, Kiersten White or Jay Kristoff, although I have got a copy of Nevernight, so Iโ€™ll probably read that at one point.
    I read one book by Marissa Meyer, and it was Cinder, and I really enjoyed it, but itโ€™s been well over year and I havenโ€™t read the second book yet. For me it was the kind of book that was enjoyable whilst I was reading it, but not overly memorable, so it didnโ€™t quite live up to the hype for me.
    Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Iโ€™ve never read any of these authors either. My impression of Stephen King is that he is a great writer, but I have an aversion to anything even remotely scary so Iโ€™ve never read any of his books.The others are not really even on my radar, but I donโ€™t read a lot of YA anymore in general.

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  6. I loved the Lunar Chronicles but had a hard time getting started on Heartless too. Once I got into it, I enjoyed it, but I still prefer the series. I’ve read a little King, mostly his short stories. I’ve also read Gerald’s Game, Misery, and The Stand. They all have horrorific elements, but aren’t straight-up horror. If you really want to be able to say you’ve read something by him, I HIGHLY recommend On Writing, his memoir/writing advice book. It’s actually very good!
    I haven’t read the other authors on your list; they just haven’t jumped out as super appealing, I guess? I’ve never read any Sarah J. Maas, unless you count starting one of her books twice and getting bored with it.

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    • I will add On Writing to my TBR.
      I read A Court of Thorns and Roses and highly enjoyed it, but the second book was a bug, huge disappointment and the third one was slightly better but always disappointing. You know, I decided to not read her Throne of Glass series thanks to ACOMAF, but will read the spin-off series of A Court of Thorns and Roses because I loved Feyre’s sister, Nessa, and I’m curious about what will happen to her. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  7. We’re on the same page! I’ve only read Stephen King out of this lot. But I have always heard so much about the others, especially Marissa Meyer and Renegades (which I haven’t yet read) part 2 will be out this year, she’s again in the hype and I really want to get to her books asap ๐Ÿ˜€

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