Blogger Bubble #3: 5 Best Korean Dramas I’ve Watched This Year And Why I’ve Loved Them

Happy Friday!

Not everyone knows about my love for Korean dramas. And since writing a review can be quite exhausting, I decided to write a post a little different. There are many people who share my love for K dramas and I thought to write a post in which I recommended some series I’ve watched in 2017 and that I absolutely loved.

I won’t dive into the plot, I want it to remain a secret, but I will tell what you can find in the series to keep short this post.

  1. Solomon’s Perjury – It’s a gripping story about friendship, suicide, depression, bullying, violence inside the family and corruption. There’s a trial set up by students who want to find out the truth about what happened and the drama is edgy, full of mysteries and addicting.
  2. Hwarang – A king who has spent all his life hiding from the world; a poor peasant who wants revenge. Hwarang is a must-see drama that will cover topics such as politics, true friendship, justice and love.
  3. The Legend of the Blue Sea – A mermaid and a human, can their love survive? The intricacies of the plot evolve around two star-crossed lovers. It’s a perfect drama for fans of romance and fantasy.
  4. Bride of the Water God – This drama gave me all the feelings and I almost cried during an episode. It was sad, lovely, enticing, funny. I absolutely recommend it.
  5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Two university students who were classmates in elementary school meet again. I fell in love with this drama from the start. It was captivating since from the first scenes. You can find funny moments, a badass protagonist, friends dynamics and competition between athletes.

You can watch these dramas with subtitles on VikiΒ or KissAsian.


14 thoughts on “Blogger Bubble #3: 5 Best Korean Dramas I’ve Watched This Year And Why I’ve Loved Them

  1. I LOVEEE KDRMAS 😍 *sending hugs from afar lol thanks for posting something like this because there isn’t anyone who post about kdramas. i felt a bit alien cuz i post about it sometimes 🌚

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  2. Solomon’s perjury?
    I never heard of that drama>.< Will check it out soon!
    The bride of the Water God is on my Drama to watch waiting list!
    And i watched the rest threeπŸ’• they are also my 2017 fav Drama!

    Liked by 1 person

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