Review: Champions: Amid Ember’s Betrayal


Title: Champions: Amid Ember’s Betrayal (Champions #2)
Author: Charlotte Jain
Date: April 6th 2017
Pages: 350
Publisher: /

Champions: Amid Ember’s Betrayal by Charlotte Jain is the sequel to Champions: At Fire’s End, whose review you can find here. Therefore you should read the first book, before reading this review.

Things continue from where we were left at the end of the first book, the protagonists knows who they are paired with in the final battle and things couldn’t seem worse than ever.

I never chose to be trapped in their dungeon. I never chose to sacrifice everything I was, for them.

Alice is still having problem controlling her fire, while Kyle is starting to feel that his powers are slipping from his grasp, too. Noah is volatile as ever, and Kim doesn’t want anything to do with her partner.

Adding to the problems, there are the fights between two Immortals, and their battles always bring destruction with them.

With another heavy gulp of coffee, I realised that, again, I was struggling to cope, but doing my best in a world where my best could never possibly be good enough.

I preferred this book over the first one, even though the story is still a bit confusing for me. I can see everyone’s true self in Champions: Amid Ember’s Betrayal and the battle seems deadlier than ever. Alice and Kyle’s duty is to decide who will truly rule among the Immortals, but their friendship, or what remains of it, still stands between them.

We could dive deeper into the character’s psychology and this was great, as I learned more about April. However, my most favorite character is Kyle. I loved this melancholy character who understimates himself. His sadness tugged at my heart.

For the universe? For these people? For Kim? Because none of any of that cares about what I do, and what I do makes no difference, yet I’m the one living with losing everything and making the tough choices.

The writing style was good and it grips you in the story from the first chapters. I’m excited to know who will be the winners. I recommend this book and give it 4 out of 5 stars.




About the author

Charlotte Jain is a Young Adult author from Melbourne. Champions: At Fire’s End is her debut novel.




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