Review: Humanity’s Hope by Pembroke Sinclair


Title: Humanity’s Hope
Author: Pembroke Sinclair
Date: July 21st 2017
Pages: 186
Publisher: Stitched Smile Publications

Humanity’s Hope by Pembroke Sinclair is a Young Adult dystopian book set in a world that has survived a zombie apocalypse and now is trying to rebuild society and find a cure to return back the zombies to humans.

The protagonist is Caleb, a 17-year-old boy who works for Zomtech, the biggest research company established after humans had been able to limit the spread of the zombies. He’s trying to find a way to cure the zombie disease, and his days pass in this research facility.

Most of the time he didn’t recognize what he had become and the memory of who he was faded every day.

But we all know that sometimes, human being can be far more dangerous than a monster. And this is the case when Caleb finds out that he’s immune to whatever changes a human to a zombie. Now, he doesn’t know who to trust in order to survive.

I really liked Caleb, he’s been scarred by the things that had happened to him, and now he’s wary of everyone and everything, analysing all the possible outcomes of his decisions. He doesn’t want to bond with other people, in fear that they might die. And he feels so lonely because he lost his family.

We can catch glimpses of the other characters as well: Samuel, Matt, Jan. Every single one of the them has survived the zombie disease and has seen things that might scare us forever.

I wanted to know more about Caleb’s psychologist, as he often mentioned her, but he doesn’t really explain who she is, or in which way she’s helping him, or if she is helping him in overcoming the sadness and loneliness he feels.

All he wanted was for the darkness to completely take over, to force him into unconsciousness, but it didn’t. It kept him awake to experience every excruciating moment.

The writing style was really good, except that there were some grammatical errors. Besides, it was a little uncomfortable for me to read the e-book, as the logo of the story split up a paragraph. I had some difficulties in recognising when Caleb was having a nightmare or remembering some things that had happened to him, too. Overall, I enjoyed the story and give it 3 out of 5 stars.


I recommend it to fans of books like Warm Bodies.


About the author

She is an editor by day and a zombie-killer by night (at least in her books). Since the first time she watched Night of the Living Dead, she has been obsessed with zombies and she often thinks of ways to survive the uprising.

She has written YA novels about zombies and the tough teens who survive the apocalyptic world, along with adult novels in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. She has also written kids’ books under the pen name J.D. Pooker.

She has written non-fiction stories for Serial Killer Magazine and published a book about slasher films called Life Lessons from Slasher Films under her real name.



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