Review: The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond


Title: The King’s Peace
Author: Kevin Hammond
Date: October 6th 2013
Pages: 228
Publisher: /

The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond is a fantasy book about a thief : Nathaniel.
The story opened with a myth on how an old man had awakened a dragon and asked him to create a land free of greediness. This is how the Kingdom was created and now, a new danger is coming: day by day black ships are closer to the city of Erenon.

What is vengeance but a plague on the minds of these people?

The protagonist is accused of having killed the King and he’s sentenced to death, but he has a choice about how to die. Nathaniel decides to accept the offer of going to the South of the Kingdom to find out what has happened to the South’s garrison and to bring back the dead King’s nephew in order to claim him as the new King.
With a group of thirty men, the thief begins his journey but, throughout his travel they have face new threats caused mainly by sorcery.

In the dreary distance of the Kingdom, a storm was brewing, a darkness to shroud the limits of the horizon.

The story had some grammatical and punctuation mistakes, sentences that weren’t closed or weren’t opened by quotation marks and I had problems in the beginning when the attention of the book shifted to another character; a perk was the description of the setting. The author described very well not only the characters, but also the places and the fights.

Some things of the book resembled too much Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, for example the dragon or the liquid released in the sea that can combust.

I think the ending was too smooth and I expected more from the book. The story was enjoyable despite the flaws and I give it 2 out of 5 stars.


I recommend The King’s Peace to Game of Thrones fans and to those who like fantasy and fight scenes.

About the author 

I always thought there was something very iconic about falling down a really big hole. Until that happens I’ll just write some stuff.




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